Together Time

Forty years plus, Babe! And still going strong.
Forty years plus, Babe! And still going strong.

What is Together Time? Well, for me, it’s spending time with a specific person, maybe doing things together, watching stuff together, or just being together. You have one thing you can give a person that is absolutely yours to give—time. It’s one of the most precious commodities you possess. Once your time is given to someone (or something), it cannot be taken back. Many people don’t realize it is the one gift that is more valuable than anything else. They handle it without care and toss it around to things and people who are least deserving.

Every person on this earth has a limited amount of time. This a fact that will never change. Doctors have been working to extend lives for hundreds of years. But no matter what they do, the end always comes. Now you may be thinking, “That’s a grim prospect, Robin. What does this have to do with Together Time?”

Have you ever read a book in which someone keeps repeating, “Time is short?” I have some favorite books that use that phrase constantly, and pretty soon, I, like the main character, become tired of hearing it over and over and over!

In the past…

When I was in college and dating, Together Time took on a whole new meaning. That’s when I met Mark, the man who became my permanent boyfriend (now for over 40 years—yes, I’m that old). That’s what I call my husband. I never want to lose that implication that we are still dating. I like him, I love him, and I want to spend time with him. Maybe not every waking moment, but I treasure my Together Time with that man! He knows me very well, and he loves me very well. The same goes for me. When you’ve lived with a person for that many years, it can be a joy to find out that 9:00 p.m. is the new midnight.

Time has made the difference in our relationship. So many couples move in together and never reach this level in a relationship. With or without marriage, when things become difficult, they give up and split up. What a waste! But that is a topic for another blog.


In the distant past…

When I was a little girl, I adored my father. Please don’t misunderstand. We were not the perfect family, but who is? He was a full-time chemical engineer and a part-time pastor of a church (by the way, there is no such thing as part-time pastors, only part-time pay).

I loved spending time with him—reading books, playing games, getting a hug and a kiss good night, and being tucked into bed by my parents. Whenever Dad dropped me off for school events or trips, my friends always gathered around Dad to talk to him. He was approachable, and they liked him for it. I think they were a bit envious that I had such a father who would take the time to drop me off. The fact that he was a pastor of a church didn’t seem to bother them, and I was glad about that. They thought my dad was cool, and so did I.

He was a very busy man, so time with him was rare and precious while my siblings and I were growing up. As we reached adulthood and started our own families, both he and Mom were able to spend more time with us—visiting us, helping, playing, babysitting, etc. They loved their grandchildren.

Now I know not every family has that experience. Some relationships are strained, and some are completely severed and cannot or will not be repaired. Life is not perfect. If that is the situation you find yourself in, then it’s very important that you spend together time with those you love, with those who matter in your life. To some people, love is spelled t-i-m-e.

Together Time Today

The most important person that you can spend time with is God.

I know what you’re thinking. I see those eyes rolling. “There you go, Robin, talking about God again.” Well, I am a pastor’s wife, but first and foremost, I’m a daughter of God. He’s adopted me into his family. And the best thing about being a child of the King is that He holds time in His hand. He’s always there for me! I love spending time with Him, rushing to His arms and enjoying His love letter to me, the Bible. I’m so crazy about Him that I get up EARLY in the morning to read His word and just talk to Him. If you’ve read any of my earlier posts, you probably already know I’m not a morning person! My family and friends know this, and my boyfriend, after 40+ years, definitely knows. It takes him a great deal of coaxing and coffee and food to get me to join him on some adventure in the morning. And yet, with God, I look forward to my Together Time with Him first thing.

I have hidden your word in my heart
that I might not sin against you (Psalm 119:11).

Your word is a lamp for my feet,
a light on my path (Psalm 119:105).

Oh, how I love your law!
I meditate on it all day long.
Your commands are always with me
and make me wiser than my enemies (Psalm 119:97-98).

Spend some time with God today, and let Him give you peace, wisdom, strength, and even joy to face all situations of life. He is goodness incarnate and wants a real, vibrant, close relationship with you no matter what situation you find yourself in. He loves you more than anyone else is even able to love you. If you don’t know my God, if you are uncertain what it means to be a Christian (also known as a child of God or a believer), please email me, and I will send you information on how you can be certain that you belong to God for all of eternity. It would be my pleasure to help you in any way I can.

In the meantime, God bless and keep you all!



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