Shameless Plugs and Other Such Nonsense…..

Dreams and Goals Have you ever had a dream, a goal that seemed so far out of reach that you thought you’d never see it realized, the kind that you sit and think about when you’re not paying bills, changing diapers, teaching Sunday school, putting band aids on knees and cooking for a multitude?  I think… Continue reading Shameless Plugs and Other Such Nonsense…..

Conversations From My Laptop

My Laptop I have a love/hate relationship with my laptop. I love to get on Facebook! I love to Google chat with my friends! I love to check my e-mail (sometimes)! I love to look at pictures! I love to play World of Warcraft! (Yes, folks, I’m a closet “World of Warcrafter.” It’s just a… Continue reading Conversations From My Laptop

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