That Man of Mine!!!

  Usually, when you hear those words, nothing good follows.  However, in my case, I have to say that I’m continually amazed by “that man of mine.”  I can call him that because he is mine.  He has been for thirty-three years now.  That’s right.  We celebrated our anniversary recently.  It’s hard to believe that… Continue reading That Man of Mine!!!

Grand Plans

♦Road Trip!!!♦ Well, I had grand plans for last weekend. We were taking a trip and I thought I’d do some writing, maybe work on my blog, and then I wouldn’t be late posting. I had a vision of how the weekend would go.  Kind of like the bride at this wedding we were headed for. She had an… Continue reading Grand Plans

Day Three and Nothing to Report

Day Three and Nothing to Report I am not a good patient. You would think that after two days of being confined to the bedroom and bed, that I would have nothing to write about, wouldn’t you? However, as a woman and a mother and a caregiver to my family, I’ve discovered something alarming.   I… Continue reading Day Three and Nothing to Report


It is something that I have become familiar with. You would think, being a PK, I would have comprehended it earlier, but I didn’t. There was a man named Woody that would visit us often when I was growing up while my father was pastoring churches in Salt Lake City, Utah. (That’s right. I grew… Continue reading Loneliness

My Perfect Angels

THE DAY I TAUGHT MY CHILDREN TO FIGHT (each other) It was a beautiful day in August of 2001. My family and I were in Cape Canaveral at the Kennedy Space Center. We’d had a wonderful day exploring the center and crawling through a life-size replica of the space shuttle. My parents and my brother… Continue reading My Perfect Angels

Quality Time With Doctors

Doctors’ appointments It seems like that is all I’ve done for the last three months. When I turned 40 years old, my body turned on me, and it has been a downhill slide ever since. Don’t get me wrong. I consider myself to be in relatively good health. It’s just that every time I went… Continue reading Quality Time With Doctors

Valentine’s Day

The Struggle I had grand plans of writing a blog for Valentine’s Day.  I struggled for hours and finally sent the article to my English professor friend/editor who edits my posts before I publish them (thank you, Luanne), and when she sent it back to me, she let me know that it wasn’t my best… Continue reading Valentine’s Day

It’s a Matter of Time

I came home today and was greeted by my very industrious daughter. Since she isn’t working outside the home right now, she has been very graciously keeping the house running for us doing various things like cleaning, cooking, laundry. It is such a blessing to come home from a stressful day at work to an… Continue reading It’s a Matter of Time

About Pastors’ Wives—Realities and Myths

I wanted to be a writer. I also wanted to be a wife and mother. I did not want to be a pastor’s wife. However, God has a sense of humor and He had several plans for me. Here is a little history. I grew up in a Pastor’s home. I’m what you would classify… Continue reading About Pastors’ Wives—Realities and Myths

About Me

My name is Robin. I was born to a Pastor and his wife in Fort Worth, Texas. The third of four children, I have three rotten and extremely lovable brothers (though I don’t think they would appreciate being called lovable). Raised in Utah, I grew up a PK (Pastor’s Kid), lived in a fish bowl, and… Continue reading About Me

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