When I am Afraid

When I am afraid, I will put my trust in you. Psalm 56:3 I’ve had a few experiences lately that have me turning to this verse. When Mark and I started a family, we had a particular Christian artist we loved to listen to over the years. His name is Steve Green, and he’s put… Continue reading When I am Afraid

Moving Through These Uncertain Times

It grieves me when people I love are in pain. It’s worse as we move through these uncertain times. It’s bad enough to get that phone call in the middle of the night or to dial 911 or to rush to the hospital, not knowing what’s wrong. Now we can’t even sit in the waiting… Continue reading Moving Through These Uncertain Times

It’s Not a Carrot!

Good morning, world! Wow! I can’t believe those words are flowing out of my brain. It’s not a phrase that hits the page at “five-ish” in the morning from a person like me. I’m a night person. For me to function well at the start of the day requires seven to eight hours of sleep.… Continue reading It’s Not a Carrot!

Family Time!

Easter 1995

“Pizza is here.” That’s what my husband said. He just got home from having his car washed, and now he’s going to watch Michigan play Wisconsin. It’s a battle to the death! (Not really). Sometimes, with our busy schedules, it takes real effort for this family to do things together. Even when we’re at home,… Continue reading Family Time!

What Is This Coronavirus All About?

I hear coughing and sneezing from down the hall. Sitting up, I listen until it finally stops. Then I hunker down in my chair as if trying to make myself inconspicuous will keep me from the germs that are floating around and landing on doorknobs and desks and computers and keyboards. Work is a scary… Continue reading What Is This Coronavirus All About?

Still Learning How to Fall

Still Learning How to Fall October 25, 2018. My devotional was appropriate for me that morning. A dear friend gave me the Daily Guideposts, 2018 devotional book for my birthday last year. It seemed like this story was written specifically for me. My paraphrased version of the story is below: A woman, who had suffered a… Continue reading Still Learning How to Fall

I Hate Goodbyes

One of those unpleasant situations…. I hate goodbyes. I don’t mean, “Goodbye. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I mean, “Goodbye, my friend. I’ll see you next year,” or “someday,” or, God forbid, “I’ll not see you again.” That last is the hardest to say. There is much less of it today than there was a hundred… Continue reading I Hate Goodbyes

Happy Birthday!

No?  Happy Birthday is wrong?  Well then how about Happy New Year!  Happy New Year!  After all it is the birth of a new year, isn’t it?  What does that mean?  Well, when you really think about it, nothing.  It is just another tick of the clock, another day in your life.  We are the… Continue reading Happy Birthday!

A Heavy Heart

What to do with a heavy heart… Ladies, tonight, I’m writing with a heavy heart.  I am practicing one of life’s futile exercises and wishing that life was different. Who hasn’t wished for that at one time or another, right? As a recovering “Control Freak,” I have difficulty slipping backwards when I see people in pain,… Continue reading A Heavy Heart

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