Give Me Retirement or Give Me Death


Hello, Readers! It’s been a long time since I’ve written an article for the Pastor’s Wife. I find it harder and harder to write articles these days as we are very busy planting a church and working full-time. I also find that I’m approaching some decisions that will impact my future and that of my… Continue reading Give Me Retirement or Give Me Death

Thoughts On Turning Thirty…

A milestone happened in the Warren family in February! My youngest daughter, Danielle, turned thirty. That’s right, folks—thirty. (It’s official, I’m ancient—but I wear it well). Anyway, she’s been thinking about the demise of her twenties and this particular birthday, and she wanted to share some thoughts about thirty and the gauntlet of being single. So… Continue reading Thoughts On Turning Thirty…

I Don’t Know What To Say…

If you’re like me, the last thing you want to do is spend hours on the phone with your provider trying to troubleshoot a problem. I simply don’t have the energy for it anymore. Life is too short to waste time on the inability to express what is wrong to people who speak a completely different language than you (I mean computer/website/internet babble).


Lisa rose to her feet, exhaustion evident as she leaned over and began to brush her fingers across the beautiful tablecloth to smooth out the wrinkles. What was she thinking, waiting so late to prepare for another event that had so much meaning for the young couple who were expecting their first child? Sighing, she… Continue reading Weariness

Still Learning How to Fall

Still Learning How to Fall October 25, 2018. My devotional was appropriate for me that morning. A dear friend gave me the Daily Guideposts, 2018 devotional book for my birthday last year. It seemed like this story was written specifically for me. My paraphrased version of the story is below: A woman, who had suffered a… Continue reading Still Learning How to Fall

What is your definition of clean???

“I won’t tell you again!!!!!” How many times have you said this to your kids? Anyone who has had children (or someone who lives in her home and acts like a child) knows THEY ARE EXHAUSTING . A simple request to clean something—anything—becomes a battle! I love my kids, but there were times when I wished… Continue reading What is your definition of clean???

The No Talking Surprise

What? My husband recently took me out for a “No Talking Surprise.” You might wonder what a “No Talking Surprise” is. Let me explain. When my darling first-born approached the age of about four or five years old, she exhibited all the traits of a precocious child that NEVER stopped talking. Stephanie was a lively,… Continue reading The No Talking Surprise

The Baptist Hour

The Baptist Hour… I’m sitting in a cold darkened room writing feverishly. It’s a desperate race—trying to communicate, to beg someone to help me, to clear the muddiness of my mind, the fog, the fear, before deep hypothermia sets in, and I lose consciousness. Doesn’t anyone know how hard this is? Doesn’t anyone care? No!… Continue reading The Baptist Hour

Going the Distance

Going The Distance? Yep. That is the title of my first book. Did I mention I’m a writer? Ever since I was a teenager and I discovered that I loved to read, I wrote stories that were the forerunners of fan-fiction. Bet you didn’t know that I wrote a story that was a spin-off from the… Continue reading Going the Distance

I Hate Goodbyes

One of those unpleasant situations…. I hate goodbyes. I don’t mean, “Goodbye. I’ll see you tomorrow.” I mean, “Goodbye, my friend. I’ll see you next year,” or “someday,” or, God forbid, “I’ll not see you again.” That last is the hardest to say. There is much less of it today than there was a hundred… Continue reading I Hate Goodbyes

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