What is your definition of clean???

“I won’t tell you again!!!!!”

How many times have you said this to your kids? Anyone who has had children (or someone who lives in her home and acts like a child) knows THEY ARE EXHAUSTING . A simple request to clean something—anything—becomes a battle!

I love my kids, but there were times when I wished that I was one of those calm childless women. You know, the ones who are able to go do anything they want, whenever they please, wherever their hearts desire. Having their nails done, meeting a friend for coffee, going to a movie, spending a quiet evening at home with their husbands……wait……where was I going with this? Oh, yes! Guess what? It’s not just the kids that we struggle with. Sometimes it’s husbands, too.

As an author, I could write a book……

I could write a book about the difficulties of relationships, but about a million other people have already done it. So I’ll pass on that. Besides, there are times when the last thing I want to do is clean (but that’s a total secret, so don’t tell anyone).

When my firstborn was little, I’d tell her to clean her room with an ache in my heart. I knew she’d retreat to her room with the best of intentions, but when I arrived for inspection—two hours later—you already know what I’d find. She’d be playing on the floor with a toy and half of the stuff in her room would be shifted to the other side. It would be clear that she’d made an effort, but then something shiny would catch her eye, and the result was—playtime!

So cherub-like!
Look at this face!

She’d smile at me with innocence in her eyes, and I’d look into that beautiful little face with my heart so full—of frustration. I knew I should be firm, but when our children are so adorable and clueless, it’s hard to discipline them, isn’t it?

The memory of a goldfish?
Surrounded by her toys

Since she’d forgotten the reason she was even in her room, it was time for mom to do a little parenting with guidance and consistency, to keep little Stephanie on track. In other words, to not give up on her.

I’m so glad that God doesn’t say that to me—”I won’t tell you again!” Because I’m His child, He has endless patience and wisdom, mercy and fairness, compassion and discipline, The one thing I’m most thankful for, though, is that He will never leave me to flounder on my own. He’s always with me!

Thank You, God, for being my Savior!

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