Vacation Is Stressful or Are We There Yet?

Vacation, anyone?

Anyone who has traveled with kids knows that a vacation tends toward “stressful” at times. When you plan a trip where you’re doing something exciting everyday, you get overloaded with stimulation.

Crazy Schedule…

My husband has long been wanting to show his girls the wonders of Michigan. So he and Danielle sat down last year and planned theVacation Destination greatest two-week vacation in the history of the universe (with the entire family).

We drove to Michigan in the middle of July and enjoyed the following: Greenfield Village, Ford Museum, Meadow Brook Hall, visiting family homes, Greek Town, Lakeshore Drive, Holland, the Wooden Shoe Factory, Windmill Island Gardens, Traverse City,  the Sleeping Bear Climbing the Sleeping Bear Dunes on VacationDunes, Lake Michigan Lookout, a pontoon boat ride, a pontoon airplane ride, Ferry to Mackinac Island, Carriage Tour on Exploring Fort Mackinac on VacationMackinac Island, Fort Mackinac on Mackinac island, Soo Locks Boat Tour (Soo or Sault—I saw it spelled several ways), Tahquamenon Falls State Park (we lost the girls for a brief time—but that’s another story), Birch Shores Resort, the Picture Rocks in Munising, Frankenmuth for Zehnder’s Famous Chicken Dinners, another carriage ride, and Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland Store, family, friends, hotel, food, food, food, and about 90 hours of being cooped up in a muscle car. I’m exhausted just reading about this experience and I can’t believe I lived it.

“We get to sleep in?”

We had one “down” day before we headed home, so I took some time to express my joy and gratitude for the wonders that God has created.

On the glorious splendor of Your majesty and on Your wonderful works, I will meditate.” Psalm 145: 5

The entire Psalm is full of praise and extolling God for His glorious creation and wonderful work. It is worth while to read this chapter just to remind us of how great our God is!

While we were traveling around the state and its Upper Peninsula, we saw great beauty and amazing displays of the works of our Mighty God’s Hands. Through the years, I see over and over that God has a plan in everything He created. Everything has a purpose and that applies to our lives as well.

Home Safe and Sound…


It was a great trip, we made it home without any bloodshed. God gave us safety on the roads and the girls still love us (thank goodness).

So, where are you traveling on vacation? Don’t forget Who created all these wonders and give credit where credit is due!


God bless and keep you all!

Michigan in Under 2 minutes!
Lake Superior on Vacation



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  1. What great memories! I’m so thankful we were finally able to take this trip. Another great blog, mom!

  2. I enjoyed your blog and LOVED the Michigan in under 2 minutes video. What a great way to share highlights of your trip!

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