What Is This Coronavirus All About?

I hear coughing and sneezing from down the hall. Sitting up, I listen until it finally stops. Then I hunker down in my chair as if trying to make myself inconspicuous will keep me from the germs that are floating around and landing on doorknobs and desks and computers and keyboards. Work is a scary… Continue reading What Is This Coronavirus All About?

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

Everywhere you turn you see Christmas cheer. Decorations are going up, multi-colored lights and inflatables appear in every other yard, and dollars are flying out of wallets and purses quicker than you can sing “Glory to the Newborn King.” You hear Christmas music playing through your…radios. (Don’t roll your eyes! I don’t know what kind… Continue reading It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

A Colonoscopy Vacation

A Colonoscopy Vacation? You may wonder why you see the words “colonoscopy” and “vacation” in the same sentence. They seem incongruous, don’t they? Well, recently, I was sent on this little vacation, and I have to tell you it’s not something I want to repeat. After it was over, my doctor said, “You don’t have… Continue reading A Colonoscopy Vacation


Lisa rose to her feet, exhaustion evident as she leaned over and began to brush her fingers across the beautiful tablecloth to smooth out the wrinkles. What was she thinking, waiting so late to prepare for another event that had so much meaning for the young couple who were expecting their first child? Sighing, she… Continue reading Weariness

Christmas Commute

“I don’t like this.” Stirring from my reverie, I looked over at my daughter, who was driving me to work so she could use my car. “What?” I asked. “This song, I don’t like this song.” I focused on the music that was playing. It was November 30th, but I like Christmas music, so I… Continue reading Christmas Commute

Still Learning How to Fall

Still Learning How to Fall October 25, 2018. My devotional was appropriate for me that morning. A dear friend gave me the Daily Guideposts, 2018 devotional book for my birthday last year. It seemed like this story was written specifically for me. My paraphrased version of the story is below: A woman, who had suffered a… Continue reading Still Learning How to Fall

Wake Up and Smell the Distraction

Have you ever had a day when you wanted to do something and you just couldn’t bring yourself to do it? Distractions to the left and food to the right. It all adds up to a situation where you really can’t function at all. I love naps, don’t you? I can’t possibly be the first… Continue reading Wake Up and Smell the Distraction

Never Alone or Wait Up, Girlfriend!

Never Alone or Wait Up, Girlfriend! When my oldest daughter was little, we noticed she had a tendency to walk ahead of us. We were constantly calling to her, asking her to wait for us or stop. Turning back, she would often have a serene look that would quickly change to bewilderment until she spotted… Continue reading Never Alone or Wait Up, Girlfriend!

I Blew It Again

I can’t believe I blew it again! As a parent, I had that remark memorized. Being a parent is not for the faint of heart. It takes stamina, consistency, toughness, humility, and a great sense of humor.  Not every day will be an “Aw, aren’t they adorable?” day. Some days you’ll think, “I’d better go for a… Continue reading I Blew It Again

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