Going the Distance

Going The Distance?

Going The Distance
My first published book.

Yep. That is the title of my first book. Did I mention I’m a writer? Ever since I was a teenager and I discovered that I loved to read, I wrote stories that were the forerunners of fan-fiction. Bet you didn’t know that I wrote a story that was a spin-off from the television series Land of the Giants. Oh, and I wrote a very moving story that was one of those sequels to My Friend Flicka. Later on I tried my hand at writing stories with the characters from Start Trek. You will NEVER see those manuscripts, so don’t ask. Did I mention that I was very young when I started writing stories?

Ever since then, I have written off and on, for better or worse, for richer or poorer. Wait a minute—distraction alert. Sorry. Two and a half years ago, I started looking for a publisher for my first manuscript. After several passes and much discouragement, I began thinking about starting a blog to build a platform for my writing.

Wait a minute! A blog?

Yep. Several people encouraged me to start writing a blog; so one afternoon I sat down at my laptop and wrote my first article. My wonderful husband helped me set up an account with WordPress, and I launched “Conversations From My Laptop” in January of 2015.

To all my readers who followed me from the start, I just wanted to say, “Thank you!” According to WordPress, I have almost 3,000 subscribers. I never dreamed that many people would read what I have to say. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now I have three published books in a little over a year. Only God could have done that, and I’m praising the Lord for his goodness.

Becoming Unbroken
My third published book

My first book, Going The Distance, was very well received. Many of my readers suggested that I write a sequel. So, after I published my third book, Becoming Unbroken, in October of 2016, I began work on the sequel to Going The Distance. I am now into the twentieth chapter, and I’m hoping to have it finished soon. In the meantime, I thought I would share some portions of Going The Distance to give you a little taste of what is coming in the sequel.

In the meantime, God bless and keep you all!


Chapter 1-Kylee’s Story   (After clicking this link, tap the chapter.)


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I'm a published writer and blogger, married to my pastor husband for many years. We have two beautiful daughters and are living in the beautiful state of Florida for nearly twenty years, and, although it is home, I miss Tennessee!


  1. I think you are a wonderful writer. God has given you an amazing talent. But most of all, Robin, you are an amazing Godly woman. So proud to call you my friend.

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