Cover Your Eyes

Cover your eyes! I had a funny experience with my daughter the other day. This incident proves the statement “Once a mother, always a mother.” First, let me give some background information. Several years ago, I thought it would be fun to take my eight-year-old daughter to see a certain newly released movie. The fact… Continue reading Cover Your Eyes

One of those Days!

I want to go back to bed please…. Have you ever had One of those Days? You know—the kind when you wake up and you think it’s going to be a great day only to find that everything that can go wrong or irritate you happens on that day? Well, I had that kind of… Continue reading One of those Days!

Happy Birthday!

No?  Happy Birthday is wrong?  Well then how about Happy New Year!  Happy New Year!  After all it is the birth of a new year, isn’t it?  What does that mean?  Well, when you really think about it, nothing.  It is just another tick of the clock, another day in your life.  We are the… Continue reading Happy Birthday!

Friends and Forgiveness

Friends and Forgiveness Have you ever had a friend who was just crazy enough to toilet paper a house with you?  Maybe I should ask if you’ve ever toilet papered a house before.  The sad thing about that question is you would think that was something that I did as a teenager (I did).  The… Continue reading Friends and Forgiveness

The High Road

The high road? Not again! Taking the high road is never the popular choice. I don’t know about you, but when someone hurts me or does evil against me, the high road stinks. How I want to lash out! I want to yell and scream and kick something. I guess I could kick the tires… Continue reading The High Road

Rebellion in the Ranks

Did someone say the “r” word? I’ve been thinking about rebellion lately. When did the people of the church get so cantankerous? I guess I could turn that around and say, “Since when did people in the church ever really get along?” Ouch! The truth is that we, the church, are a lot like the children of… Continue reading Rebellion in the Ranks

Did You Roll Your Eyes Out Loud?

Did You Roll Your Eyes Out Loud? It was a sunny afternoon, and my husband and youngest daughter had just returned from running some errands. They were coming in the front door when they heard a voice. Danielle stopped, got this disgusted look on her face, and announced that Stephanie’s boyfriend was there. Mark paused,… Continue reading Did You Roll Your Eyes Out Loud?

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